Celebrate Together

I specialize in events that highlight creativity and tremendous amounts of fun. Art Parties, Community Regional Arts and Fundraisers embrace everything artistic! I am happy to help community leaders add a little more spark to their planned events with the right tone and manner. Need a connection to Independent artists? I've got you covered.


Upcoming Events

2018 & 2019

Art Parties

I am now accepting requests to fulfill your needs as an On-Site Artist for birthdays, social gatherings, weddings and your own Art Parties. Yes, I’m the person who can whip something up with beauty and ease to meet your inexplicable deadline.

Fiscal Years 2019-2021

Community Art Projects

Life without strong communities (even in the rural reach where I live) would be chaos. From healthy communities come healthy people. Let's unite your community with a planned art project. Everyone can participate. Everyone can help break down the barriers and strive to make a difference. Past projects include Nature Art, Street Fairs, Eco-Adventures, Murals, Live Music events and Foodie Gatherings.



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