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"My Child is An Artist... Now What?"

Grades: 2-8

Level:  Elementary (Level 2 & Up), Middle School (All Levels) 

Location: Welches Schools

Dates: Early Release Wednesdays (2/5, 12, 19, 26)

Theme: American Heart Month

Art Medium(s): Glue-relief Plaster Cast Printmaking


LEVEL GUIDE (prior Art Eruption full sessions)

LEVEL 1:  0-1 sessions
LEVEL 2:  2-5 sessions
LEVEL 3:  5+ sessions


February is American Heart Month. Embrace the love, the health and the keepsakes with your child's artwork that includes glue-relief plaster cast printmaking (a safe and non-toxic alternative to printmaking). Your child will make multiple plaster casts and prints, will learn about positve and negative shapes, as well as devote their creativity toward awareness of the human heart and its functions.


Brain activities such as drawing, mixing colors, planning, measuring and hand and eye coordination are embraced via group and 1:1 instruction. Reinforced academic skill builders help your child take new risks, establish artistry and independence. 

ART ERUPTION: Have a Heart (2/5, 12, 19 & 26)

  • TERMS: All registrations are first come first served basis. Please register as soon as possible to ensure a spot for your child.  Students must exemplify respect, good behavior and be in good health (meaning, if a child is sick or having a bad day, he/she cannot participate). Refunds are negotiable.

    Please note: Art Eruption is a fun and unique art program, not a daycare or babysitting session. Everything about Art Eruption engages art lessons to blended academic standards. Participants are encouraged to take risks, respect age and ability differences, learn new art skills and laugh a lot. Tuitions are due no less than 10 days prior to session start date.


    Eruption does not assume liability for personal injury or death. 
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