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Eruption started in the mid 1990s as a small independent publishing company. The dream then was to hide in the mountains with pen, paper and past adventures. My experiences as an outdoor leader, river guide, ski instructor and patroller, as a mountain guide, nature lover and tribal activist would keep me busy with endless paperbacks to change the world!

But Life keeps handing me new opportunities to change the world-- such as my vast client base of progressive thinkers. And the visual arts industry embracing my relevance of connecting art culture to greater audiences. And race relations with a place in my everyday routine working for diversity, equity and inclusion. And the classroom-- both indoor and outdoor-- places where I teach from my heart. And the recreation industry with my exceptional experience blending nature and human fitness with sustainability and respect . And my dynamic native family as we thrive together in our weave of tribal identity, culture and leadership. This ever-changing world of technology, politics, environment and selfhood keep me on my toes. I'm equipped for so many unique challenges because of my experiences.  

My modest presence in the literary world weaves professional traditions with a modern creative movement. Currently, I Ghost-Write for some progressive people. I research strategies and develop actions. I help others to apply for appropriate grants and new opportunities. I edit papers and book projects. I illustrate pictures to secure a good story layout. And I help to create the perfect tone and manner.

I am writing a historical fiction book, Wy'Kanush. It plunges into the lives of active Pacific Northwest tribal river people whose tight hold onto family tradition gets tangled with a new world of environmental corruption.

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Business leaders often hire me to write proposals or to help organize their master plan. Many find last-minute deadlines of great grant funding but have no idea where to start. Not everyone has the knowledge of style guides and formatting. I do. And I'm happy to help. 

The calloused middle finger on my hand is proof that I love to write! Of course, my clients love to write. But they often find obstacles of story plot, character development and direction. It's not uncommon. My styles approach complete mastery of Technical and Creative Writing. Editing is my passion.

Research just gives me more excuses to know more, find more and thrive more.

Erupt with me.


Eruption is a registered business owned and run by a multicultural woman.

Always working hard to improve race relations and gender equality.


Crafts Supplies

All ages and levels

My art classes help students recognize and practice given talents while absorbed in a studio setting.  Eruption artists explore multicultural styles, valuable techniques and resources at a comfortable pace. They experience discovery.  They discover a completely different part of their brain and its powers. I believe in whole-brain activities for healthy artistic lifestyles. So the lessons are best suited for every developmental stage of human life. Yep, that’s right, all ages.


Typewriter Keys

Professional Journalism

New Risk Management policies needed to be written about the Covid-19? Trying to express to parents about your new distance-learning online teaching plan? Need some objective research done for that new blog? Press Releases due this week? Just find out about that Grant Opportunity for Funding but already have a full plate? I say, "Challenge Accepted!" Allow me to help you with technical or creative writing, co-writing, research, ghost writing, layout and design, Library of Congress, editing and everything in between! (Gotta use that Journalism degree somehow.)



American Indian & More

As an enrolled member of a recognized First Nations tribe in the United States, my human experience reaches into the sub-culture of the American Indian and more. The ongoing race relations dialogue continues to puzzle many communities. I can help to bridge the gaps. My experience honors the past, commits to the present and respects the future. Let's start a dialogue.



Creative Services

Start simple or jump in head first, I can get you through any creative project.   Smart about where you should be spending your art and media dollars, Eruption offers dependable creative services.  That’s a good idea for small businesses who plan to thrive in this gobble-em-up economy. Erupt with me.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Any day is a good day to send a gift. Save your money, believe in art and share the joy of creation! My marketplace of work reaches into the visual arts, textile and craft.



Artful Spaces

Commercial and public spaces are wonderful places to display art! I'm flexible with styles, mediums and budgets. Installations are complete from start to finish. Let's plan a new artful approach for your business, home or community space. Murals, menus and more!




I believe in science and proactive steps to keep everyone healthy! Order your handmade face mask here or Pay It Forward to somebody in need.

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who am i

Art is Life, ohh, and the mountains. Always the mountains.

I am both a modern & traditional professional artist, athlete and business woman. I work full time at Oregon's tallest volcano teaching skiing. My Eruption small business embraces my artistry and the love of teaching. I've been teaching art classes in local schools for 20 years. This unique combination supports a steady list of my accomplishments. And it creates an outstanding tango that combines work with fun. Living in a rural community requires flexibility, credibility and endurance. Especially when it comes to sustaining a healthy career.

My heritage is blended. I am of American Indian (enrolled member of the Yakama Tribal Nation), Pacific Islander Filipino and European Scottish ancestry. I feel comfortable working with many diverse groups of people. I've had great experiences bridging the gaps. 

Recently, I've helped to formulate new Rural Initiatives, document Treaty Conferences, create the Oregon Cultural Trust, the Mt Hood Artisans, the Mt Hood Cultural Center and Museum and several other valuable cultural connections in Oregon, Washington and California.

I follow the paramount cultural standards of proper Dialogue and proper leadership etiquette. Since the age of 14, I've had job titles that directly link to working with children and school districts. And for over 26 years, I've continually worked part-time or full-time in the Ski Industry. 

What I do must represent the core values of my Family. I am of a Family of Chiefs, Teachers, Principals, Activists, Judges, Administrators, Inventors, Musicians, Scientists, Carpenters, Buyers, Tribal Storytellers, Event Planners, Hunters, Gatherers, Fishermen, Drummers, Dancers, Cooks, Nurses, Veterans, Loggers, Mentors, Farmers, Printers, Artists, Athletes, Business Leaders, Community Leaders, Movers and Groovers. 

I've kept intact with my Cultural and Tribal responsibilities in many good ways--  As a dedicated artist, as a good teacher and as a proper progressive business woman. I follow the correct path as a community leader.  I am striving to make a difference. Skills, flexibility, respect, patience and manners are what it takes to keep building bridges and eroding the barriers. As long as I have a sharp pencil and sheet of paper at my side, I'm willing to give anything a try.  

Everything takes preparation. Everything expects excitement. And everything resembles chaos. Add some smartness. Throw in some curiosity. Invite imagination.

What do you get?

You get yourself an Eruption.

You get me, Lisa Riversong.

Erupt with me.


Erupt With Me

Guided by the Great Pacific NW

Rugged peaks and hearty trees are my closest friends.  I’m in a love affair with my front yard’s ancient volcano. I’ve been a creature of habit. In a diverse and intelligent world, my experiences have explored everything imaginable. Well, almost everything.  Some say I fall too easily with Adventure. Yep, they’re on point there.

Share the passion. Cherish heritage.

Expect worldwide shared literacy.

Dream smart business.

Bridge communities.


Be Kind.

Be Alive.  


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