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Eruption started in the mid 1990s as a small independent publishing company. The dream then was to hide in the mountains with pen, paper and past adventures. My experiences as an outdoor leader, river guide, ski instructor and patroller, as a mountain guide, nature lover and tribal activist would keep me busy with endless paperbacks to change the world! But Life keeps handing me new opportunities-- such as the Visual Arts. And the classroom. And the Ski Industry. And my dynamic native family. This ever-changing world of technology, politics, environment and selfhood keep writing and editing as a major Life passion.

My modest presence in the literary world weaves professional traditions with a modern creative movement. I Ghost-Write for some progressive people. I edit papers and book projects. I illustrate pictures to secure a good story layout. 

Currently, I am writing a historical fiction book, Wy'Kanush. It plunges into the lives of active Pacific Northwest tribal river people whose tight hold onto family tradition gets tangled with a new world of environmental corruption.



The calloused middle finger on my hand is proof that I love to write! Of course, my clients love to write. But they often find obstacles of story plot, character development and direction. It's not uncommon. My styles approach complete mastery of Technical and Creative Writing. Editing is my passion.

Business leaders often hire me to write proposals or to help organize their master plan. Many find last-minute deadlines of great grant funding but have no idea where to start. Not everyone has the knowledge of style guides and formatting. I do. And I'm happy to help. 

Erupt with me.

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