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Note: Since starting a new full-time job doing what I love-- skiing, being mountainside & helping kids to thrive-- I've decided to keep my current and new clients at a minimal service level. 

Start simple or jump in head first, I can get you through any creative project.   Smart about where you should be spending your art and media dollars, Eruption offers unlimited creative services.  That’s a good idea for any business (small or large) who plans to thrive in this gobble-em-up economy. 


Creative Services

Extraordinary Experience. Saavy Outcomes.

Reaching new heights in creativity, my artistic services expand in full service media that every company can use. While working in the professional corporate workforce, my extraordinary experience helped clients in concepts, consulting, branding, corporate identity, account management, creative design, illustrations, graphic arts and administration. 

When I realized that none of these roles were available in my rural location, I decided to open my own art company. Branching out as an independent contractor has its benefits.  I have the opportunity to know my clients at a personal level. I can visualize their dreams because I actually know them and their employees. My experience helps them better spend their media dollars. And my total organization and timelines keep everyone involved extremely happy.

Graphic Design Workspace

Graphic & Custom Art

Before computers, the media world consisted of writers, photographers, illustrators, typists and editors (to name a few). Luckily, my experience reaches back into the days of cut and paste, page layout, photo dark rooms and hand fonts. What took me months to complete back then is now at a minute's touch of my fingertips. A new professional dynamic combined with the wisdom of true graphic art tradition. Specializing in these areas of expertise: Graphic Design- Custom Art Services- Hand Made Art- Illustrations- Editing-  Layout- Posters- Logo Design- Signage- Visual Design and more.

Globalization concept

Advertising/ Sales/ Marketing/ PR

Facing new deadlines? Looking ahead for some new customers? Advertising-Sales-Marketing was the major emphasis of my Journalism degree, so you know I've got all areas covered. I can help many teams put together successful campaigns while strengthening your corporate identity. Specializing in these areas of expertise: Copywriting- Art Direction- Ad Design Layout- Account Management- Branding- Concepts and Media planning that can set you up for success!



Let's face it. Without Administrative efforts, you would be a mess. Planning, Organizing, Writing, Communicating-- without it your business would be lost. The tangles of Social Media scheduling, SEOs, timing, replies, sharing and posting have turned into devoted hours that you just don't have. I have a progressive outlook to your situation. I know how to organize teams. My smart business insights will help you gain more audiences and fans. I can manage your sites and pages while you're doing what you love-- your business! It takes a good tone and manner to accomplish media administration. Let me help you manage the madness!

People Clapping

Project Direction

My project direction unfold into smooth running campaigns. I link projects to valuable resources and help teams to understand what it takes to THRIVE. My organization, patience, flexibility and leadership skills are exceptional.

Specializing in these project direction areas of expertise: Concept Strategies- Team-Building- Sales Proposals- Grant Writing- Technical Reports- Research/Development.  (“Power words! More Power words!”)

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